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Dear #

We need # to organize an # and # for # representatives operating the official @EU_Commission accounts.

A month ago the @EDPS started a pilot for # and # and launched # and # servers.

Many of you interacted, but also observed that communication can be improved. Less :birdsite: birdsite crossposting, more # + image #. Knowing the culture, # and learn to love ๐Ÿ’– our fedi.
Respond to the forum topic if you are interested to help, or discuss below.

Adding # If the EU are crossposting then chances are there's a lack of accessible content on that network as well. So this could be a chance to get a focus on accessible content as well.
Alternatively, just defederate the instances the feds- sorry, the EU, use
@Humane Tech Now@EDPS

Fediquette is a type of culture that needs to be spread, lived and will be subject to strong evolution and differentiation.

It is not excluded that there will be a real speciation, but it is important to proceed towards three main guidelines:

1) interaction: Accounts should maintain a balance between posting messages and replying messages
2) diversity: mastodon has now become the main gateway to the fediverse, but it is important that institutions not only fossilize on Mastodon! There are many other social networks that may be even more suitable for certain institutions such as universities, authorities and officials profiles: @Friendica Admins , @Lemmy , @Mobilizon , @BookWyrm ! Diversity diversity diversity!
3) integration with democratic participation platforms: as the @European Commission , you are already promoting (and financing) projects like @decidim , but above all you should try to finance integration with in Fediverso: with Decidim, but also with unknown or non-existent projects. !

But remember to produce informative materials in all languages โ€‹โ€‹of the European Union! Often the individual states are not sensitive at all or are still mentally imprisoned from the point of view of the social owners!

For the rest, we (as @informapirata :privacypride: ) tried to offer tools for the Italian public, because they lacked adequate tools in our language
A very nice input on the # subject. Thank you! I will reference it on the SocialHub forum.
and with other government's representatives too!

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very interesting proposal. We need to teach more about this and not only to representatives, also the newer generations of internet users

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They have enough money, they can do it themselves.
This is a great initiative. Benefitting both the EU institutions, as well as the Fediverse.

Maybe our Hitchhiker's guide to the Fediverse can be of use. It's a beginner-friendly introduction to Mastodon, PeerTube, PixelFed, Lemmy, Friendica & Funkwhale. Plus, it's free and open source, of course :)

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@gofoss Your guide seems to me well done: it is clear and essential. Also included are Friendica and Lemmy, two software that are often forgotten in guides of this type.

However, I would be pleased if I added Mobilizon too, because it is one of those projects that most of all manage to create a relationship between the social world and real life.

Finally, I advise you to follow two projects that are still a little immature but with great potential: owncast and bookwyrm. Maybe in some time you will want to dedicate a paragraph to them too ๐Ÿ˜„

@Humane Tech Now@European Commission@EDPS

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I agree. A great guide!

All in all there are so many good articles and other information resources being posted about the #. But it is often hard to find them.

I co-maintain 3 # lists for fedi apps, clients and dev resources at

And I intend to start a 4th one at

But I will need co-maintainers to share the work. For me the dev-side of fedi has most attention. If interested, ping me :)
Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it :)

Mobilizon & Bookwyrm are great, you can find them in our section on alternative cloud services:

I've created a new issue in GitLab to also add them to the Fediverse section, as soon as I find the time :)

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I love it. Thank you for posting.
I'd love to get involved!
that is great, thank you! Would you mind signing up to the forum, from where we'll organize things?

Btw, I just learned that for in-person meetings and maybe for a webinar too, the # cannot arrange opportunity on very short term. The internal organization at EU is rather complex. So there's ample time, and you can also just follow the topic there.
there is no fucking way that the eu commission are so technologically inept as to not know how to use not-shit elephant site